Gemini Goldens

Premiere Golden Retriever Puppies in Florida

We are currently training and showing a number of young golden retrievers from our kennel, as part of our breeding and training programs.

Our recent show and trial accomplishments of our golden retrievers:


"Joe" C-R Gemini's Field of Dreams earned his Junior Hunter title. "Motive" C-R Gemini's Read between the Lines debuted in the obedience ring and earned his Rally Novice Title. "Rumor" C-R Gemini's Whats Goin around Campus won a very competitive bred by class in Lakeland.


Colt wins his first puppy group, Alexandria, KC


Colt wins the 6-9months Puppy Sweepstakes at the Golden Retriever Regionals


Joe has earned his WC title at the Golden Retriever Regionals


Joe takes Winners Dog and 2 points at Treasure Coast. AND Logan takes Best-of-Breed in Perry, GA. Great weekend for Gemini!

Did You Know?

Gemini Goldens have produced 15 Champions and 3 Hall of Fame dogs. Over 100 puppies have been placed in happy homes in the last decade.


Salsa takes Best of Opposite 2 days running in Deland


Joe won the American-Bred Class at the National Specialty!


Extra (LaneyxBola) makes her ring debut. We're so proud when the next generation shows.


Great news! Salsa made Champion.


Joe takes Winners Dog in Vero Beach. We're predicting great things for Joe!


Astro is Reserve Winners dog in Lakeland!


Very excited to announce that Salsa has taken Best of Winners in South Carolina!


Big accomplishments for Gemini dogs! Chance won at the CGRA 2011 National in Conyers, GA. This was followed up by a Dallas win in the Veteran's Sweepstakes.


We're proud to announce that Piper has finished her SDHF in New Mexico!


Piper wins Best of Breed 2 days in a row in Durango, CO


Piper went Best of Breed today at the Marianna Florida dog show.


Piper received Sporting Goup I awards on successive days at the Beeville, Texas shows last weekend. She is close to her SDHF and Top Twenty awards, our mission for her.


Another first for Gemini Goldens! The four top Grand Champion Goldens in Florida are from Gemini Goldens.


Chase (Ch Gemini's Furst Responder CD RA) earned his Rally Advanced title on 3-13-11, handled, as always in obedience, by Lisa Werner. Congratulations to Chase and Lisa!


Astro (Gemini's Home Run JH) completed his Junior Hunter title on 3-19-11, at the Thomasville, GA trial. Our thanks and congratulations to Lee at Shiloh Retrievers, for a fine effort. Astro is just 11 months old!


Piper (GCh Gemini's High Flyer) and Spark (GCh Gemini's Rocket's Red Glare) received their Grand Champion titles on 2-20-11, and qualified for the 2011 Eukanuba National Show in December, 2011.


Gemini Goldens continue to add AKC 2011 Grand Champion points (as of 2-19-11, Florida Golden Retrievers ): Rank No. 2 Ch Gemini's Rocket's Red Glare (Spark) 27 points No. 3 Ch Gemini's High Flyer (Piper) 20 points No. 5 GCh Gemini's Jet Setter (Logan) 16 points No. 10 GCh Gemini's Furst Draft (Ruff) 4 points


Salsa (Gemini's Hot Tamale BISS) defeated approximately 80 dogs in winning Best In Match yesterday at the annual Space Coast Kennel Club AKC Match in Wickham Park. Salsa is the latest in a line of Geminis who have won big at Wickham over the last ten years, including: Dallas, Harry and Kahlua. Our thanks to judges Grace Black, Peggy Hauck and Sam Steding for recognizing Salsa and to SCKC for hosting this fun day at the park!


Gemini Goldens continue to add AKC 2011 Grand Champion points (as of 2-04-11, Florida Golden Retrievers ): Rank No. 3 Gemini's Rockets Red Glare (Spark) 21 points No. 5 Gemini's High Flyer (Piper) 18 points No. 6 Gemini's Jet Setter (Logan) 12 points


Ruff (Gemini's Furst Draft), handled by Rindi Gaudet, got a Judge's Award of Merit (JAM) at the Westminster Dog Show in New York. There were 41 Goldens competing, and Ruff came in second to the winning dog! Congratulations to Kathy Cudak. Ruff followed in his father's footsteps, as True won a JAM at Westminster in 2008.


After a very successful December for Gemini, the year's Final Golden Retriever Standings included: Ruff: #18 National, in Dogs Defeated; #7 Florida Grand Champion Logan: #3 Florida Grand Champion; #23 National Grand Champion Chase: #18 Florida Grand Champion Piper: #23 Florida Grand Champion


Candi brought Piper to the Miami show and won Best of Breed on Thursday, and Best of Opposite on Friday. Congratulations to both! Logan won Best of Breed in North Carolina on Friday, and now has 47 Grand Champion points. She should be in the Top 25 by year's end.


At Savannah, Georgia, Logan won BOS, BOB and BOB on three successive days. Since gaining her Champion, Logan has now been recognized with an award (i.e., from Select Bitch to Group I), at 17 of her last 18 shows!


Logan is now a Grand Champion! Logan is listed with the AKC at 30 Grand Champion Points as of 11-13-10. She continued her winning ways in Montgomery Alabama last weekend, with a Best of Opposite and 2 (two) Selects.


Both Logan and Ruff are doing very well as Specials at various shows in the Southeast: Since winning his Best in Show last month, Ruff has moved up to #19 on the Canine Chronicle All-Breed Goldens list, with 1037 points as of 10-31-10. He has gotten two more Group I, one Group II and two more Best of Breed awards since his BIS. Many thanks to Erika and Vincent! Logan is not so far behind, and she has 646 Canine Chronicle points to date. She has gotten an award at each of the twelve shows entered since getting her Champion on 11-25-10: 5 x Select, 2 x Best of Opposite, one Group I, two Group II and two Group III awards. Our THANKS to Rindi on this Thanksgiving Day!


Ruff (Ch Gemini's Furst Draft) went Best of Breed on Saturday and Sunday at the Lake City show this weekend, going Group II on Saturday. Logan (Gemini's Jet Setter) won Select points both days.


Ruff (Ch Gemini's Furst Draft) got Group I again today at Arcadia (that's two days in a row) and at the same time attained his Show Dog Hall of Fame. Our thanks to everyone who made this all possible for Ruff!


Ruff (Ch Gemini's Furst Draft) won Best In Show today at the Arcadia show and already has 20 points toward his SDHF!!!!! Our thanks to Jane Meyers and her able Staff! Kathy Cudak will be available, sedated, at home this week, for visiting-phone-calls, texts and e-mails (this will surely affect her ability to talk, however, so skip the phone calls).


Ruff (Gemini's Furst Draft) got his Champion yesterday at the Arcadia show, and today got his first Grand Champion point, while True went Best of Breed and Goup IV.


Logan (Gemini's Jet Setter) went Best of Opposite at the Deland Show and finished her Champion. On the next day, Logan again went Best of Opposite and got two points toward her Grand Champion title. Our thanks to Vincente Zuniaga for his work with Logan.


Remi (a Charmer pup) got two(2) Firsts at a recent hunt trial in Mississippi, and now has her SHR (Started Hunting Retriever) completed.


Piper (Gemini's High Flyer) won her Champion today, placing as Winners Bitch (a Major Win) in Greenville, SC. Our thanks to Sherri Hurst and Vincente Zuniaga for their dedication to Piper's accomplishment.


Logan (Gemini's Jet Setter) went Best of Breed at the West Palm Show, while Chase (Ch Gemini's Furst Responder CD) was awarded his second Grand Champion point!


Logan (Gemini's Jet Setter) took Winners Bitch for a 5-point major at the Annual Mid Florida GR Specialty, topping 50 class bitches in the process! She is now at 12 points toward her Champion. (Our thanks to Vincente for a super showing!)


Chase (Ch Gemini's Furst Responder CD) recently completed his Champion! Our thanks to Rindi Gaudet, who has successfully handled a number of our dogs over the years.

Gemini's "Chase" as new Champion.


Piper (Gemini's High Flyer) won her Champion today, placing as Winners Bitch (a Major Win) in Greenville, SC. Our thanks to Sherri Hurst and Vincente Zuniaga for their dedication to Piper's accomplishment.


Logan (Gemini's Jet Setter) went Best of Breed at the West Palm Show, while Chase (Ch Gemini's Furst Responder CD) was awarded his second Grand Champion point!


Logan (Gemini's Jet Setter) took Winners Bitch for a 5-point major at the Annual Mid Florida GR Specialty, topping 50 class bitches in the process! She is now at 12 points toward her Champion. Thanks to Vincent for a super showing!


Chase (Ch Gemini's Furst Responder CD) recently completed his Champion! Thanks to Rindi Gaudet, who has successfully handled a number of our dogs over the years.


At a local match today (Wickham Park), Rosie (Gemini's Skye-Buzz Litter) and Austin (Gemini's As Good As It Gets) took away the honors as Best female and Best male Golden Retriever puppies. Austin is from the Laney-Albert breeding.


Gemini's Furst Draft (Ruff) won Winners Dog and a Reserve WD, in 2 of the 4 shows this weekend in Lakeland, Florida. He now has 5 points toward his Champion and 5 points toward Show Dog Hall of Fame.


Champion True took Best of Breed and a huge Group I at the beginning of a very competitive Florida circuit. This win catapulted him to a national ranking of #13 Golden this year.


Gemini's Furst Draft (Ruff) went on a winning tear after winning a Group 1 at the Naples, Florida show. He then won Winners Dog 2 of the 4 days at the Miami, Florida show in December.


Ruff (Gemini's Furst Draft) has taken Reserve Winners Dog for the last three weekends in a row. He is literally traveling in his father's(True's) footsteps!


In Orlando today, Spark (Gemini's Rockets Red Glare, daughter of Whiskey, granddaughter of Houston ex Brittany) won Winners Bitch and Best of Winners, got her Champion and went on to win Best of Breed over two Specials. Congratulations to Deb Busch for her efforts and for Spark's great day. On this same day, Gemini also won Winners Dog (Gemini Fallchase The Butler Did It, Cody), Reserve Winners Dog (Gemini's Furst Draft, Ruff) and Best of Opposite Sex (Cody). This was one of the best days ever for the Original Gemini Goldens!


At the Westminster Show, our-very-first-ever entry, True, earned a Judges Award of Merit (JAM), certainly the happiest and most significant win for Gemini, and a heart-stopping thrill for us all at The Show! Congratulations to True and to Kathy Cudak for all her efforts in his success, and our thanks for bringing this honor to Gemini Goldens.

09-24-08 to 09-26-08

At the Golden Retriever National, Chase got 2nd in the Sweepstakes competition, and Ruff a second place in the regular classes. True was honored as a member of the Top Twenty at the Saturday night dinner.

Award of Merit!

Gemini's"True" stood out at Westminster (February, 2008).


Based on his more recent wins, True is currently (February, '08) ranked #5 Golden Retriever in the Nation.

We were very excited to receive a Judge's Award of Merit (JAM) for placing Fourth at Westminster, beating out about 30 other Goldens in the process.

Our thanks to Kathy Cudak for all the sacrifices she made along the way to get this far; and to Rindi Gaudet, who did still another fabulous job showing him under a great deal of pressure! Of course, True is still young in comparison to the other dogs who were at the show, so we expect that he will be back again! We wind up very pleased with the state of our breeding program, since True is a son of Dallas (bred by Candi and Dick) and a grandson from our original Houston and Brittany breeding back in year 2000. And remember that Charmer is a full-blooded younger brother of True!!!



True (Ch Gemini's Chants To Excel BISS) has been selected to compete at the prestigious New York Westminster Dog Show in February. We are very excited to have one of our Gemini dogs reach this show level. Our thanks go to True's owner, Kathy Cudak, whose time, effort and expense got True to where he is, and where he is going! Laney (Goldentrip Gemini's Abbey Road) suprised everyone by winning two (2) 4-point, major shows in one weekend in Boston. Laney now needs only minor-point wins to complete her Champion!


Laney won the Open Class, and Reserve Winners ribbons today. 12-06-07 In Boston today, Laney (Summit Gemini's Abbey Road), handled by Rindi Gaudet, won Best of Opposite Sex, a Four-point major win, and her first points.


True (Ch Gemini's Chants To Xcel) is winning up a storm! He has now won Best of Breed in the last EIGHT shows in which he has competed! (Ocala and Montgomery, AL) And along the way he won one Group I and two Group IV placements, earning six points towards the Show Dog Hall of Fame designation.


At Ocala, on November 16, 17 and 18 (three days in a row!!!), True (Ch Gemini's Chants to Xcel) won Best of Breed, beating approximately 59 other golden retrievers each day! On Friday he placed Group IV, and on Saturday he placed Group I in the Sporting Group, only losing to a poodle for Best In Show that day. Owner Kathy Cudak is planning on taking True to Westminster in February.


On November 2, Skye got her Champion, handled by Sherri Samel Hurst, in Tulsa, OK. We are very proud of this beautiful daughter of Dallas and Nasdaq, who will be bred to Sherri's "Brighton" next week, and then retire to mom hood here in Florida.

Charmer (Gemini's Lucky Charm) won needs only one major win to get his Champion. He is at home now, growing out his proper coat. We expect him to be ready to show this Fall. Bacall (Gemini's Key Largo Two CD) expects to complete the third leg of her Companion Dog Excellent qualification this Fall also.


True (Ch Gemini's Chants To Xcel) won Best In Show Bred-By at two separate International shows in Orlando on 10-14-07. He is busy working towards the Show Dog Hall of Fame designation of the GRCA.


Charmer got his first major in Virginia over Memorial Day weekend. Our latest star in the show ring is "Charmer" (Gemini's Lucky Charm), who in March, April and May, 2007 has already taken nine points as a 14 month old puppy. Now he needs his majors to finish his championship. We are trying for his major wins in Hampton, VA over the Memorial Day weekend, when he will continue to be handled by Rindi Gaudet and Correy.

Recently, Gemini's Chants To Xcel (True) became the first-ever Gemini dog to go Group I. "One large step" for our Kennel. Congrats to Kathy Cudak for her True dedication. 8 SDHF Points!!


Harry (Creekside Farms Fugitive to Summit JH) recently completed his Senior Hunter title and is now working toward Master Hunter

Prior to 2007

In older news, on Saturday August 19, 2006, Gemini's X-Static (Dylan) won an exciting Best of Breed in Tampa. Gemini's Rockets Red Glare (Spark) went Best of Opposite Sex (to True) from Puppy 9 to 12 month Bitches. The next day we were all even more thrilled as Gemini's Chants to Xcel (True) went Best of Breed and then went on to a Sporting Group II win, while at the very same time, Dylan went Reserve Winners Dog (to True) and Gemini's Fireworks in Flight (Roman) won his Puppy 9 to 12 months Dog Class.

We have never won this many ribbons at one show, nor Xcelled so well in the doing!

True also took a WD/BOW/BOB over 4 Specials for his first Major (4 points) in the previous show (all from the 12-18 month Class) at the age of 17 months. He now has 3 SDHF points and is the first Gemini dog to place in Group competition. NOTE: Our Houston and Brittany are Grandparents to all four of the above dogs; our Dallas is the mother of Dylan and True, and Debra Busch's Whiskey is the mother of Spark and Roman.

Two of our female puppies, Fallchase Gemini's High Stakes (Keno) and Gemini's Only a Paper Moon (Skye) are being shown around the State this Summer. Skye won a four-point Major at the Houston Texas Specialty from the Bred-By Class, on July 22, 2006.

Ch Tejas Caribbean Direct Flight CDX RN NA NAJ WC CGC (Houston) got his WC title in June, 2006, which qualifies him for the Versatility Excellent Award from the Golden Retriever Club of America. We are now training with him to get his Utility Dog (UD) and Junior Hunter (JH) titles.

"In older news": Dallas cleaned up at the Golden Retriever National Specialty in Orlando, in October, 2002. She was first in both Agility Trials, earning two legs on her Novice Agility title, and, in Conformation, won Winners Bitch, over 217 competing bitches. We were thrilled with what was a "once in a lifetime" win. Almost as an anti-climax, Dallas won her Champion later in that year. Dallas is the mother of Dylan and True.

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