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We've reproduced a letter below from the mom of a boy named Benjamin. A boy who was paired with a Gemini puppy through the hard work and dedication of Genesis Assistance Dogs and Pawsitive Action Foundation. We are honored to be able to help these awesome organizations by breeding puppies suitable for entrance into their life-changing programs. Please consider making a donation to one of these organizations and help anyway you can.

Benjamin and Blondie

This story was written to express how Blondie, Benjamin's work dog, is changing his life in waysthat science or man has still yet to understand or even comprehend. As a little boy's mother, I am writing this from actual observation and my heart's deepest belief of the events that I saw on the night my son showed me how his life has changed forever...because of Blondie.

I started to chase thoughts, prove scientific theories of what just happened but something said, "Just tell them". Benjamin became a Type 1 insulin dependent diabetic at age five. Now, most people know that this disease is crushing at any age but this is the age you learn to tie your shoes. We tried, he couldn't. At age six, his thyroid was destroyed. Again, we tried tying his shoes, he couldn't. This trying and not being able to tie ones' shoes went on for years. At one point, I thought he tied them once but somehow forgot...

I was wrong, he couldn't.

At age 9, Benjamin was suffocated by two more diseases that would not only keep him from tying his shoes but attempted to steal his ability to walk from him. Pain and weakness became his two pole know the ones'...they are suppose to hold you up and give you strength. These guys crushed and pushed him down. Screaming in pain became my alarm clock that told me when to get up and help Benjamin walk. Over time, drugs muffled these screams but the two pole bearers hovered, silently waiting to, "support him again".

Physical therapy was started by a wonderful therapist, Laura Sarisky, both in and out of the have to take on and off and put on your shoes for this...he tried to tie his shoes, he couldn't.

Now, this is probably the place where someone scholarly would tell you what it means psychologically and socially to not be able to tie your shoes at age ten would be. They would, I'm not. My story is being told like my heart led me...just tell them.

Benjamin was introduced to Blondie, a golden retriever, by two awesome groups, Pawsitive Action and Genesis Assistance Dogs. I remember the day he sat next to a beautiful woman named Norma Najorka. She spoke softly about meeting a special dog that was specifically chosen just for him.

Blondie was everything Benjamin wanted and needed. Training began quickly as a young lady named Leslie Carpenter showed the two how to become one. At first, one went this way and the other went that way but over time, their two separate steps became paw print next to little boy shoe steps and sometimes, wheelchair tracks.

This brings me to today and the reason for my story. August 11, 2012, our first car ride to the corner store. Benjamin was excited, FINALLY, Blondie gets to ride in the back seat with him!! Smiles from both as Blondie laid across his lap with his arm around her back..."this is the way life is suppose to be", I heard Benjamin say. The store visit was done with ease as both boy and dog started their adventure and lives together. Little did I know what just happened today.

That evening, as everyone relaxed, the phone rang. A good friend called and we talked for hours about Benjamin and Blondie and what Blondie meant to my family. The daylight turned to night and I went outside. Within minutes , Benjamin came limping out and yelled, "Mom, look, I've tied my shoes"!! Smiles from ear to ear covered his face as I hugged him and realized what just happened. A milestone occurred in Benjamin's life that only Blondie, his golden retriever, picked especially for him, made happen. Blondie made Benjamin proud, independent, successful and ready to walk in oneness next to her. Blondie, "this is the way life is suppose to be".

"We tried, He couldn't" forever changed to "I cried, He could."

Benjamin's Mom


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